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Proactively maintain

A little bit of proactive maintenance and monitoring goes a long way to prevent costly and embarrassing emergencies. We provide you with the tools and expertise needed to ensure your website is always available and delivering results for your organization.

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Don’t wait for disaster to strike

A little monitoring and proactive maintenance goes a long way to keeping things running smoothly.

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Be proactive

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Website maintenance benefits everyone

Avoid downtime
Block hackers
Load web pages fast
Look great on all screens
Keep software up to date
Eliminate errors

Who we work with

Christie Digital

Dolby Laboratories

GM Supplies

Resolute Forest Products

Sigma Kappa Sorority

The New School

Proactively maintain

At Jaxon Digital, we know you want to delight your customers with memorable digital experiences 100% of the time. In order to do that, you need to proactively maintain everything you do digitally to avoid costly and embarrassing hiccups.

You know you need to be proactive with maintenance but are you? We are a team of Optimizely experts and we are here to help. We will use a set of third party and proprietary tools to apply industry best practices ensuring your website is always secure, fast and looking its best.

Here’s how we’ll do it: 1. Get in touch 2. We’ll make a plan 3. Execute together.

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